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Discord-servrar märkta med yo-mama-so-fat DISBOARD

Delta i konversationen. Sign In. Double E. Here's some more jokes: Yo mama's so fat  Din mamma är så fet att jag inte ens orkar bära med mig ett foto jag tog på henne när hon är naken. YMJ = Yo Mama skämt Letar du efter allmän definition av  yooo mama! Vilka din mamma/ yo moma skämt.

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12. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1. 22 days ago. YO MAMA SO FAT! Seaworld.

SverigeTomten sa: Här har du en diss (inget illa menat): Yo momma is so fat that, when she skies, ske sinks on the ice! Yo mama's so stupid she puts lipstick on her forehead to make-up her mind.

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30. Posted by 3 days ago. Yo mama so stupid she brought a spoon to the superbowl.

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Yo mama so fat

Its yo mama. Ladda ner. Its yo mama. Transport Flygplan. Kommentarer.

Yo mama so fat

235 likes. Magazine. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Following is our collection of funny Yo Mama So Ugly jokes.There are some yo mama so ugly daddy jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud.Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. Subscribe for all-new, weekly videos!100 YO MAMA JOKES http://bit.ly/1L6J9Ev100 MORE YO MAMA JOKES http://bit.ly/1ESTfrvFB: http://facebook.com/yomamaYT: Yo mama so fat that when she fell down the stairs, I wasn't laughing but the stairs were cracking up.
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Yo mama so fat

CD. The But flaps och very disturbing to me the disturbing shop is Ronald Mcdonald is doing it Read more. Jocke yo mama so fat when she said she would work out  Follow My Instagram! zackjamesobz . 100 NEW Yo Mama Jokes #10 secrone.info/video/nrFzq6ncop6Ae7s/video.html.

Yo mama so fat her shadow weighs 35 pounds. Subscribe for all-new, weekly videos!100 YO MAMA JOKES http://bit.ly/1L6J9Ev100 MORE YO MAMA JOKES http://bit.ly/1ESTfrvYo mama so fat, she wakes up on bo Yo mama so fat she left the house in high heels and when she came back she had on flip flops. Yo mama so fat shes on both sides of the family Yo mama so fat you have to grease the door frame and hold a twinkie on the other side just to get her through Yo mama so fat when she goes to an all you can eat buffet, they have to install speed bumps. Yo mama so fat that I would insult her, but cows are sacred where I come from. Anonymous. 162 248.
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Thiago Otho. 0:06. Jokes - Yo momma so fat when she registered for MySpace there was no space left. Yo mama is so fat when she goes out walking in high heels she comes home in flip-flops. 21. May. Jump.

28. 5 comments yo mama so fat she has diabetes and various health issues due to various unfortunate events and underlying conditions that i hope she seeks help both medical and physical because of the toll it took on her psyche and betters herself as a human being lol. I'm the lonely twin, the left hand..
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Here's a few Fat Mama jokes from the man that loves a little cushion, Ike. All Memes › Yo Mamas So Fat. aka: kids laughing and spitting milk. Caption this Meme. Blank Template. Top Example. Captions Over Time. U-G-L-Y she ain't got no alibi.

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0 0 comments… Well what you wantme to do. Well what you Yo mama is so fat the last belt she bought came on a spool. level 2. 36 points · 5 months ago. Shit, yo mama so fat, her belt is made out of asteroids. Yo mama is so fat that the National Weather Service names each one of her farts.